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I’ve been using ‘Naosheas’ hair products for the past 13 years and this includes the ‘Dizzle hair & scalp oil’ and of recently the ‘Haven rains spray’ and my favourite is the hair brush. The products have kept my hair healthy and moist as well as promoting hair growth.

Products are always in stock, made with natural ingredients and shipped within the advised time.

They say having locks is a journey and I’m happy to have chosen Naoshea as my loctician to help and guide my on loc journey. I would 100% recommend Naosheas hair products.

Donna Love, 'Customer since 2010’
Hair and scalp oil.

Makes you hair feels strong and smells divine. I love this hair oil, I have noticed a huge improvement in my hair in every way since using this regularly.

Natural sisal brush
Great brush, well built and fit for purpose. Soft bristles and hard enough to get the job done and remove lint etc, but soft enough to lay down hair at hairline and nape.

Sefa Stone
Loc Spritz – this spray is honestly god send. It nourishes my hair, gives t a nice shine and it smells so nice; I use it every 2-5 days depending on the weather and how my hair is. Most importantly fot me is that there isnt any product build up when I use this. I cant imagine using anything else.

Drizzle Hair and Scalp Oil – my locs were falling out before I started using this oil. This oil has changed my life and moving to using it saved my hair. I was very close to cutting my locs off and restarting but Naoshea advised me to use this and I havent looked back since. It’s been 18months now since I started using this and my hair has been healthier than ever. I also use it for my beard and it has helped that a lot aswell. I buy this for my brother, my mum and some other friends, highly highly recommend this oil to anyone regardless of hair texture

I love using Naosheas products. I know that I am getting top quality natural products that is not only safe but healthy for my hair and scalp. The Dizzle Hair & Scalp Oil lasts me a long time and reduces any potential issues of dry scalp. The Haven’s Rain Loc Spritz is not just for people with locs, it is safe for baby and toddlers and works an an excellent hydrant for myself and my 2 year old sons natural hair!
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