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Who am I?

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About Me

I am Naomi Roberts…I am the Mother of Naoshea’s.

This was all a wonderful accident. After losing my Beloved Father in 2006, then being blessed with what would be my last pregnancy, I decided I no longer could work in the mainstream corporate world.

It drained the hell out of me, and with Daddy dying so young, I knew I had to take charge of my happiness in case I was to suffer the same fate. 

So The Naoshea’s Brand started as an alternative Skin Care range in 2008, all Shea Butter Based, as my eldest Sun suffered with Eczema and I hated the thought of giving him the nasty doctors cream… Long story short, It was a hit. Naoshea’s name grew for that, but in the background, I sang in Reggae groups, Maintained my family’s Locked Crowns and also became a Doula (Loved that sooooo much)

To cut an even Longer story shorter, the Loc’s took over. Starting with just family, they told their friends, who told their friends and BOOM… I was a Loctitian. Now with over 10 years under my belt. I have the most delectable Client base and Love life to the maximum.

Oh I’m also a very proud Grandmother to my Daughter’s perfect Sun.

That’s Naoshea’s in a nutshell. My Clients are like Family. Chosen Family, and Its an Awesome Family to be the Mother of!!

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